Just a few reasons why we beat the competition hands down.




Limited targeting capabilities; lack of audience profiling resulting in blind advertising and identical treatment of all users.

Superior targeting capabilities which identify the desired audience segments and determine the value of each visitor in a split second.

All campaigns are identical or subject to manual optimization by an ad manager.

Intelfeeds uses neat algorithms specifically tuned to the specifics of your chosen audience and constantly improves them.

No precise audience profiling to target likely-to-buy users.

Granular user profiling enhances your knowledge and understanding of the pursued market niche.

Vague and often inaccurate data used for performance tracking, presented in an incoherent way.

Every day our platform processes hundreds of millions of pieces of information. These data are visualized clearly enabling advertisers to retrieve the desired information and analyze each campaign in an instant.

The choice of ad formats is often restricted to standard display or mobile banners.

Intelfeeds offers standard and non-standard ad formats, mobile ads, video banners, pre-roll and mid-roll videos, search ads, and a wide range of rich media formats.

Some ad networks are limited to a relatively small closed group of websites, limiting potential reach.

Intelfeeds DSP reaches millions of websites, apps, and video channels.

Geographically limited.

Intelfeeds covers over 95% of the world’s internet-connected population, allowing your ads to be served anywhere to anyone.

Due to the limited coverage of most networks, advertisers are forced to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously on a number of different networks and platforms. This makes efficient campaign coordination, monitoring, and optimization essentially impossible.

Intelfeeds offers an integrated ad platform with access to all sorts of websites and applications: Google Display Network, Facebook Exchange, Outlook, Skype, and many others. It provides a single tool for centralized management of multiple campaigns, including search ads.

Limited targeting which remains so throughout the entire campaign.

Intelfeeds uses third party datasets along with our own user data generated and refined throughout each campaign.

The progress of the campaign is hampered by the lack of improvements and optimizations.

At Intelfeeds we do not stop until we have exhausted all means of maximizing your campaign performance. Alongside our advanced algorithms performing high-end automatic optimizations is our team of account managers and analysts who monitor each campaign’s performance metrics to ensure maximum efficiency.

The client remains in the dark about how RTB really works. Lack of knowledge can be exploited by certain networks and agencies to make a short-term profit.

Our account managers are keen to share their market and technology expertise and to offer guidance on how to optimize your budget. Our goal is not turning quick profit from single deals; we are in for the long run and we believe in the value of establishing long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients.

Serving only the advertisers’ needs’ and completely disregarding the interests of publishers and end users.

At Intelfeeds we see the advertising market as a singular entity, not a clash between advertisers, publishers, and end users. Our goal is to make the digital ad market a more unified and evolved ecosystem, one that yields higher profits for publishers, and delivers more attractive content to end users.

The campaign work is scattered across a whole team of middle men – agencies, creative agencies, media shops, ad networks, etc., all charging a commission. At the end only a small portion of the initial budget is left for actual campaign running.

Intelfeeds pilots the entire process from market analysis and campaign planning to managing the creative, and establishing connections with the targeted websites if necessary. We can do this not because we have more manpower than our competitors, but because we have optimized and automated every single technology playing part in this process into a single integrated solution – the Intelfeeds DSP.

Inadequate programmatic distribution by websites, daytimes, and locations turning little or no profit for the advertiser.

Real time bidding capability channelled only through websites detected as relevant by pre-determined daytime and location filters.

Limited or no retargeting capabilities. Banners are being served over and over again to the same users achieving minimal or no impact.

Advertisers who value precision, above all, can take advantage of our technology for sequential retargeting – showing different banners in different stages of the targeting process until reaching the desired outcome.