Basic policies

I ntelfeeds adheres to strict rules regarding the ad material served, the types of targeting methods employed, and the protection of personal information. Intelfeeds maintains the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. These Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and Intelfeeds and your

access to and use of our platform constitutes that you accept them. Our clients will be notified of any changes or modifications taking place. The revised Terms and Conditions will also be made publicly available on this page. Intelfeeds reserves the right to decline contractual requests from prospective clients or to terminate existing contracts at any time.


The following will not be allowed on Intelfeeds DSP

  • Adult-oriented content or video chats
  • Gambling-related content
  • Sales of weapons and ammunitions
  • Tobacco products
  • Content infringing or promoting the infringement of intellectual property
  • Any content promoting hatred and discrimination
  • Explicit content and materials depicting violence
  • Promotion of narcotic substances and prescription drugs
  • Pay-per-click or pay-per-search schemes
  • Materials that are not stored on our servers but directly imported from the client’s server or a third party.
  • Ads that lead directly to software downloads when clicked
  • Ads containing viruses or malware
  • Webpages abusing personal information
  • Ads leading to no-content pages that can only be exited by clicking on a button
  • Ads containing external pixels whose sole purpose is to manipulate traffic measurements
  • Scripts that could lead to personally-identifiable information leakage


The following will also be prohibited from the platform

  • Content which is considered aesthetically or contextually offensive
  • Content promoting excessive dieting, medical treatments, and other manipulations which may prove hazardous to one’s health
  • Misleading or immoral advertising
  • Ad content based on data of intellectual property not owned by the advertiser
  • Ads which lead to empty or incomplete landing pages
  • Intelfeeds reserves the right to reject ad materials if the advertiser refuses to provide proof of ownership.
  • Materials inconsistent with our technical requirements, including but not limited to file size, invalid links, or clickTAG components
  • Ads which consist of links containing personal information about the user – email address, name, or physical address
  • Ads which intend to damage the reputation of a competitor or a particular group of people
  • All additional terms regarding technical specifications, payment break down, access to statistical data, and other information are stipulated in our contract


Personal information protections

I ntelfeeds reserves the right to decline any contractual obligations with clients who refuse to provide proof of ownership of or direct connection with the advertised product. This includes third parties who do not have direct control over the advertised page and cannot implement our codes for campaign tracking and execution.

When conducting a campaign, Intelfeeds reserves the right to request programmatic connection to advertisers’ accounts in the systems of third parties such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook, FBX, and others solely for the purpose of achieving accurate targeting. Connecting to an advertiser’s account does not mean gaining access to it and it does not require sharing any personal or login information.