Display ads integration

I ntelfeeds DSP enables centralized campaign creation, management, and tracking in almost any major ad network or exchange around the globe, as well as in the majority of big search engines. Campaigns are tuned to match key search terms associated with the product or service they are promoting.
Here is what gives Intelfeeds its competitive edge in the search ad industry:

  • Ad management in multiple search engines from a single platform.
  • Centralized campaign management and evaluation of the effectiveness of your chosen key words.
  • Automatic adjustment of the ad metrics based on key words or negative key words depending on specific business goals.

Intelfeeds allows the advertiser to track the performance of display banners and search keywords from one unified platform, saving time and effort when working with multiple networks at the same time. The audience profile accumulated from a display campaign can be integrated with that from a search campaign or vice-versa. This simplifies the process of analyzing data and guarantees a competitive advantage over any other advertiser not integrating those two crucial audience databases.
Thanks to this integration, display ads can be served in websites and video channels chosen by the advertiser and presented to users who have searched for related keywords in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and other search engines. Search ads give the advertiser the opportunity to present consumers with banners tailored to their immediate buying interests.


How does Intelfeeds DSP help advertisers

When a user searches for a combination of keywords, the search engines show specific content results and ads related to them. Upon seeing those ads the user might click on them and subsequently purchase the advertised product. Let’s focus on the search ad mechanism and how the search engine chooses to display a particular ad.
Our client picks a keyword (this may include a negative keyword to which the advertiser specifically chooses not to display ads). A user enters the keyword in the search engine to make queries. Our client’s ad campaign appears together with the search results.

The position of the ad is determined mainly by the bids received for the keyword, but could also be affected by other factors such as the quality of the ad and the website it leads to, as well as its CTR.
We offer complete campaign integration, management, strategic planning, as well as granular statistics for each of the search engines supported by the Intelfeeds DSP. Our platform communicates with each search engine programmatically through its API. It then synchronizes the access to all APIs, allowing the advertiser to directly analyze the performance of the display and search ads from the Intelfeeds Client Panel.