Focusing on customer loyalty

T argeting can be further enhanced with retargeting – an efficient approach to building, nurturing, and growing an audience. The ultimate goal of retargeting is to convert website visitors to loyal customers. Retargeting campaigns are geared towards engaging people who have already showed interest in a particular brand or product. These campaigns are normally more expensive because they require bidding higher in order to reach the exact user but deliver better results and guarantee greater brand engagement.

Intelfeeds provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to position their retargeting campaigns on practically every website or mobile app. Our DSP allows centralized management and reporting which simplifies the entire process from campaign-planning to execution and performance tracking. Retargeting campaigns normally start one or two weeks prior to the rest of the campaigns. A tracking pixel is inserted into a the advertiser’s website and it starts collecting data about visitors showing interest. After that, those visitors are repeatedly reminded to come back to the website.