Tracking the performance of your campaign with Intelfeeds

P rogrammatic real-time bidding is the most accessible and efficient way of gaining exposure to a wide audience. Our algorithms deliver fine-grained impression valuation derived from various combined metrics, all in a split second. This leads to accumulation of vast quantities of data from each campaign which are then stored safely on our servers.
Intelfeeds strives to bring complete digital ad transparency to the advertising market. This hinges heavily on translating the collected data to our clients in the most comprehensible way possible. A typical campaign can generate more than 10 million individual pieces of data during its lifespan. Most of our competitors simply do not have the capacity to amass such quantity of data, and those who do, prefer not to disclose it to their clients.

Intelfeeds aims to give complete control to the advertiser – we offer guidance and deliver the ad serving technology, but the decisions concerning targeting and information analysis are ultimately in your hands. This is why we transformed all gathered information into a beautiful data visualization tool that tells the story of each ad campaign. See for yourself by logging into our demo account. For those of you who prefer to analyze data in your own way, raw information is also available to download in spreadsheets.
Our clients invest much energy into planning their campaigns and we meet their passion with an equal level of dedication to deliver the technology that would bring their campaigns to life. We are constantly experimenting with new ways to visualize data and will never cease to surprise you with brave and creative ideas.