Building an audience and establishing brand loyalty

O ur platform meets the needs of all advertisers – large or small, with or without experience in online marketing. Having access to over 95% of the internet-connected population of the world makes us equally competent in every market. The rich plethora of ad formats we offer: display, search, mobile, video, rich media, engagement, dynamic, and social allows a high level of creative flexibility which can bring to life even the most unconventional and outlandish ideas.
Our servers process vast amounts of data, presented in user-friendly charts intelligible even to the untrained eye. This makes Intelfeeds a suitable partner not only for an ad department but also for departments running business development and market research.

Intelfeeds guarantees maximum exposure for our clients’ ideas and an opportunity to see how the world reacts to them. It gives our clients the option to experiment – the materials they submit do not need to be just advertising, for example they could consist of a few conceptual product designs. The consumers’ reactions and interactions with them will show which products are worth developing and which are not.
Despite all this, Intelfeeds may not be everyone’s cup of tea. We follow strict guidelines when we offer services to our clients and there are certain materials which are strictly prohibited from our platform. If you are not certain whether your business is in unison with our terms and conditions, please contact us.


We offer something for everyone


We can work with small budgets, optimizing them in the most efficient way and saving small businesses the time and effort for education or the cost of hiring extra people to deal with digital advertising internally.


If a client has experience with digital advertising and is applying it in the niche they find most profitable for their business, our analysts can help them find new audience segments and increase their return on investment.


They usually operate on a large scale and know every detail about their current and potential customers which is a perfect match for our team’s love of data and information that can help target audiences more successfully.


We have coverage in almost every country in the world and are constantly expanding. The client can pick the audience and the desired advertising channels and we will secure them.


Our consultants are very keen to share their knowledge and experience with clients who are just beginning to unravel the endless possibilities of digital advertising.


If a client is well versed in digital advertising, they will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of products and targeting capabilities we offer and the superior performance of our DSP.


We offer more diverse inventory and reach than almost any other firm in terms of ad platforms and exchanges we give access to and the variety of ad formats made available to our clients.


Our design forte? Rich media formats in HTML5. Our team views every task through a creative lens, ready to deliver innovative solutions, and that extra something special to each campaign.


Clients looking for inventory in a particular website or interested in premium positions can feel free to request our availability reports which list all available positions on all websites.