We always protect the interests of the end user

S ome may say that platforms like ours do not necessarily benefit from protecting the interests of the end customer. After all, some see end customers as mere clicks and conversions which bring clients to the advertiser and profits to the publisher. This is a very narrow and short-sighted approach, unfortunately widely accepted and adopted by ad agencies and networks all around. The truth is, the internet users are the driving force behind the online industry, and the very reason that digital ads exist in the first place.


We believe that the digital ad market needs to evolve and become more user-oriented. We are making this shift by eliminating the intrusive, repetitive and unattractive banners and substituting them for content that is more engaging, diverse, and geared towards the unique needs, interests, and motivations of each individual. Designing beautiful rich media creatives helps brands not only improve their short-term results, but also raise their long-term brand image and improve its perception.
Most people see the ad industry as the necessary evil that comes with free internet content. We want to change this perception. We don’t just want our ads to serve as a mere reminder of the existence of a product; we want them to be of true value to the user, delivering offers and deals that echo the customer’s immediate needs. Such is the multi-layered remarketing campaign which allows the advertiser to approach a specific potential client with a personalized offer or discount made only available to him.
Almost all end users reached by our banners are presented with an information symbol located in the upper right corner. This is issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and it allows visitors to learn more about targeting and to set their personal preferences.