Here is what Intelfeeds creatives are up to


We put together a team of digital ad designers who specialize in multimedia formats. They explore brave new ideas with vigour and execute them with a meticulous attention to detail.


We use the latest available technologies to create HTML5 creatives, manage ad campaigns, and digest statistics into formats that are comprehensive and intuitive.


Almost every idea or concept that can be executed on a website can be recreated by our rich media creative designers and brought to life in an HTML5 or Flash creative.


A dedicated team will shepherd a campaign from start to finish. They are keen to share their knowledge and expertise in the pursuit of bringing quality advertising online.


No matter what type of technology was used in previous digital ad campaigns, Intelfeeds has the capacity to adapt to it, build on top of it, convert it, or use it all over again.


All our ads are created in HTML5, if not otherwise requested by the advertiser. This format allows maximum compatibility with all devices and ad platforms.


With a rich arsenal of visual effects, we can translate your campaign ideas into a truly exhilarating user experience.


We can collaborate simply as an external consultant, offering guidance without intervening or developing creatives.


Be the first brand in your region to utilize the full potential of the latest rich media capabilities.