Types and Sizes

A t Intelfeeds our prime goal is to enrich the advertising landscape by making ads more interactive, appealing, and relevant to the consumer, while also delivering efficiency and transparency to advertisers. To ensure this, all ads are subjected to rigorous checks. Technical indicators, content and the webpages they lead to are constantly monitored.
Intelfeeds supports all standard display size and many non-standard, expandable and interactive multimedia formats.

Animation length varies depending on the ad exchange, but the majority of animated ads are restricted to 15 seconds without repetitions. Flash ads need to support the ClickTag variable. All ads open in a new tab or window. Video ads can only start automatically if they are played without sound. Ads opening new tabs without permission from the user are not accepted. The file size limit for all ads is 250 KB, the only exception being the FBX graphic ads which can reach 500 KB. Any file size which exceeds 50 KB may incur additional charges.

We currently  support 17 different creative sizes which can be seen below: