Intelfeeds will help you learn

E very day our platform processes vast amounts of data containing millions of pieces of information about each ad campaign. We then try to present this information to our clients in the most cohesive, accessible, and elegant way possible. The Intelfeeds Client Panel displays all measured data in a visual and compact format. We dare to say that data visualization on such level of sophistication is hard to come by. Even large companies specializing in big data analysis cannot match our client panel.

Our visualization techniques allow Intelfeeds to function as an analytics platform in its own right. In such capacity, it may serve companies looking to gather statistical data about their chosen markets, to test prototype products and designs and their potential for strategic development. In other words, if you do not necessarily need a platform to serve your ads, you may still use the Intelfeeds DSP as a reliable tool for testing and gathering data on large target audiences of potential clients and their reactions to prototypes and conceptual models. For example:


A furniture store wants to expand its product range and offer a new design. The company may choose to conduct a survey of a particular target group with a few dozen potential clients, recording their reactions to the products. Or, it may instead display the prototypes to millions of real users, relying on the Intelfeeds DSP to process the data, analyze users’ reactions, and to come up with selected few products which resonate most strongly with the intended audience.


A company is introducing a new brand and wants to pick the right color to represent it. When our team runs the variations on the screens of millions of people, the data shows that one particular color grabs more initial attention, but, in fact, it is a different color that leads to better brand awareness and recollection.


An airline decides to optimize the way it markets its flights by targeting people from one city with a variety of flight destinations, relying on our big data analysis to determine which offers generate the strongest sales from the selected audiences.

The technology Active View allows Intelfeeds to analyze which impressions remain visible in the user’s browser longer, which generate more clicks, and which have triggered more conversions. Metrics extracted from a sufficiently large pool of users sharing similar interests and behavioral patterns function as a sound basis for making strategic business decisions. These data are vastly superior in volume and statistical accuracy to the survey approach where interviews are taken from a few dozen potential clients belonging to a target group. The sheer size of our network accelerates the whole process of surveying audience segments, guaranteeing a quick feedback mechanism.

When conducting A/B testing, our team of experienced statistical analysts eliminates all agents which may potentially contaminate the output data. For example, if the two versions (A and B) which the client wishes to compare differ in color, we will make sure they are only visualized on websites whose colors and design complement both A and B in equal measures and do not make one of the colors more noticeable giving it an unfair advantage.
Offering such services allows Intelfeeds to transgress the boundaries of advertising and enter the domains of big data analysis and business strategy where the main goal is to deliver the highest possible ROI.