Our digital footprint extends to millions of websites, mobile apps, and video channels visited by users from almost every country in the world.


All standard and non-standard Flash, HTML5, display, mobile, and video formats, as well as an unmatched diversity of rich media creatives.


Our performance reports evaluate each aspect of a campaign in great detail. They integrate up to 40 different parameters and are beautifully visualized.


The combination of our RTB technology and our expertise acts as a catalyst for performance. It helps us guarantee the highest results for any given budget.


I ntelfeeds is a highly-sophisticated demand side platform (DSP) which encapsulates the entire process of running a digital ad campaign – from its creation and planning, to landing of the creatives on the customers’ screens.

In order to make the success of a campaign easy to analyze, predict, and improve upon, we also specialize in delivering, processing, and converting our statistical information into visually-appealing and intuitive charts.


The real time bidding algorithms integrated in the Intelfeeds Demand Side Platform process a vast number of ad opportunities and respond to them on behalf of the advertiser in a split-second, while strictly following the requirements for preferred audience and optimizing for lowest price.


Intelfeeds has an established network of ad channels in almost every country in the world. This infrastructure powers our geo-targeting capabilities, offering both scale and precision. Advertisers are able to target not just by city, they can now specify neighborhoods, regions, or even zip codes within a city.


Reaching the right audience is crucial when optimizing an ad campaign. The advertiser may use demographic and geographic data, consumer-interest, affinity segments, third-party data, and over thirty other targeting criteria to show ads solely to the intended audience.


The traditional methods of re–marketing are only a small fraction of our targeting capabilities. Intelfeeds has embraced a new generation of retargeting which adds a layer of personalization. It allows the advertiser to serve a different creative at each stage of the process of converting an end user to a client. It is possible to dissect such campaigns into 42 different retargeting layers.


Our team strives towards improving the quality of the entire advertising ecosystem by making internet surfing a more pleasurable experience. The team behind Intelfeeds aims to eliminate the intrusive, repetitive, and unattractive ads and create ones that are more engaging, diverse, and geared towards the unique needs, interests, and motivations of each individual.


At the very core of each technological platform is its capacity to process vast amounts of data. In order to achieve complete transparency, we make sure our clients can access as much of this data as possible. The Intelfeeds Client Panel presents on a daily basis millions of pieces of data in the form of interactive charts allowing the performance tracking of every last detail of a campaign.



million customers attracted

billion impressions served



300×250 | 728×90 | 300×600

E ach campaign’s execution demands a high level of creativity in order to engage consumers in new ways in defining a brand, making a product stand out, and driving action. Besides the creative aspect, it is equally important to plan carefully where and how to display ads. Our team is constantly monitoring the latest trends in online advertising in many different markets, we are always informed and ready to offer professional advice as to which ad formats would best suit a client’s objectives and guarantee the best return on investment. We support all standard IAB ad formats and a lot more.

  • Availability95%

  • Price35%

  • Efficiency45%

  • Uniqueness18%


580×400 | 160×600 | 970×250

N on-standard size creatives are not bound by the typical dimensional restrictions, they give free reign to creativity and therefore are a perfect frame for more quirky and unconventional concepts. This is why they can be much more efficient than standard formats if used correctly. Non-standard creatives are less common amongst publishers and therefore reach a more narrow audience. Their larger size and exclusivity normally dictate higher prices. Nonetheless, our stats show that they perform better on campaigns with tight budgets by delivering higher conversion rates.

  • Availability45%

  • Price38%

  • Efficiency68%

  • Uniqueness32%


320×50 | 320×100 | 300×250

M obile ads are gaining more traction every day on the global advertising market. Unfortunately the small display size and dimensional limitations often lead to accidental clicks. This is where accurate targeting and tracking make a big difference. At Intelfeeds, cross-devices targeting ensures that relevant ads are shown to the correct people to minimize the risk of accidental clicks and deliver higher engagement. Thus, the dynamic and rapidly evolving mobile ad marketplace offers a unique opportunity to reliably reach a more savvy and constantly expanding audience at a relatively low cost.

  • Availability68%

  • Price25%

  • Efficiency55%

  • Uniqueness43%


Pre-roll or in-banner

V ideo ads in many markets are typically run by large-scale advertisers who are simultaneously running TV campaigns with the objective being audience expansion. At Intelfeeds, we believe that clients should not be categorized and rated according to their size and are happy to see that many more small advertisers are joining this new way of reaching potential consumers. Our pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and video in banner formats are perfect for campaigns which aim to achieve brand popularization across a very large pool of video channels.

  • Availability25%

  • Price56%

  • Efficiency70%

  • Uniqueness43%



R ich media creatives are the most efficient way to engage an audience. They deliver the most interactive and full experience modern display technology has to offer in order to engage in a dialogue with the consumer. Intelfeeds offers a rich arsenal of interactive elements which not only communicate with the user’s browser (expanding, reshaping, branding the entire page, or modifying its background), but also with the computer’s devices and accessories. Every such campaign needs to be created or approved by our creative department and meet our terms.

  • Availability65%

  • Price72%

  • Efficiency80%

  • Uniqueness95%
  • Jenna K.
    Intelfeeds Ads were very kind to invest their time and offer some helpful suggestions, but most importantly, they made our banner ad work exactly how we wanted it to. That's all we needed! We're very happy with the result and grateful for their generous support.
    Jenna K.
  • Brian F.
    Our partnership with Intelfeeds allowed us to trust our campaign planning and optimization in secure hands. All campaigns were carefully tailored to fulfill set targets and address our specific marketing needs. Our most recent animated banner campaign, designed by their creative team, quadrupled our CTR.
    Brian F.
  • William G.
    Due to the specific nature of our audience, we needed precise targeting. This is why we turned to Intelfeeds. With the help of their DSP our community of loyal customers has grown by 132%.
    William G.